The quality for film photography scans has greatly increased. Meet LOG film scans

featured image for Graination's LOG scanning services

This article has been authored by Jared Leckie. PART 1 – Challenging lighting conditions A new film lab service has been recently released in Toronto for film photographers – and it’s being overlooked. This new service is called ‘LOG’ scanning for film photographs which is now offered at Graination. While this type of scanning is […]

Decoding The Essence Behind Our Choice: Colenta Film Processors


Hey Film Aficionados! We’re excited to pull back the curtain and share the reasoning behind why we, at Graination, opted for Colenta film processors. Sure, it may not have been the most budget-friendly route, but trust us, it’s been worth every frame. 1. Artistry Over Affordability Colenta film processors are the cream of the crop. […]

The Home C41 Film Developing Conundrum: Is It Worth It?

Photo by Annie Spratt

In recent years, the trend of developing color negative film at home has gained significant traction. Numerous tutorials and articles claim that processing C41 film at home not only saves money but also offers a straightforward DIY experience. However, today, we’re going to shed light on a different perspective. C41 film development is renowned for […]

Victoria day

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