Elevate your photography with the Minolta Capios 140 Macro, a dynamic point & shoot film camera engineered for precision. Unleash your creativity as you capture intricate details, from close-up shots to expansive landscapes. With user-friendly features and a sleek design, the Minolta Capios 140 Macro is your gateway to extraordinary visual storytelling.

Minolta Capios 140 Macro Point & Shoot Film Camera

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  • Minolta Capios 140 Macro Point & Shoot Film Camera
  • Serial 51004564


  • Guideline of condition rank:
    • New – Brand new, unused goods, perfect condition.
    • Near new – Almost unused goods, perfect condition.
    • Mint – Almost no scratch, very clean, good operation.
    • Excellent – Slight scratches, very clean, good operation.
    • Good – Some scratches, some feeling of use, good operation.


  • Very clean and good condition.
  • No sticky and cigarette odor.
  • Please check on the photos for detailed condition of the product.

Finder & Lens Optical/Glass system:

  • No scratch.
  • No haze/fog.
  • No large dust.
  • No balsam separation.
  • No fungus


  • It works properly.
  • AF(auto focus) works smoothly.
  • Flash works good.
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