Fumoto Film [芸予 400 Mild] 24 Exp

ISO sensitivity: 400

Number of exposure: 24 exp

Film type: 35mm color negative film

You can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere with coarse particles. It gives a slightly soft and light impression.


Introducing [芸予 400 Mild] 35mm Film – a masterpiece in analog photography. Elevate your visual storytelling with this carefully crafted film, renowned for its unique subtlety in color. Each frame captured with [芸予 400 Mild] tells a story of precision and sophistication.

🎨 Mild & Less Saturated Colors: Immerse your photos in a gentle palette, adding an exquisite touch to every shot. [芸予 400 Mild] brings out the beauty of subtlety.

📷 Versatility in Every Frame: From vibrant landscapes to intimate portraits, [芸予 400 Mild] adapts seamlessly. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for photographers of all levels.

🌟 Respooling Excellence: Derived from the esteemed ORWO NC 400, [芸予 400 Mild] ensures a legacy of quality and performance. This film is respooled with utmost care, preserving its heritage.

🎁 Packaged in Japan: Meticulously packaged in Japan, [芸予 400 Mild] guarantees attention to detail and quality control at every step.

Unleash the potential of your 35mm camera with [芸予 400 Mild] – a film that not only captures moments but also adds a touch of timeless elegance to your photography. Discover the art of subtlety today!

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