Empowering Creativity: Graination & Gallery 44 Forge a Revolutionary Partnership

graination team up with gallery 44
Graination × Gallery 44 champion the future of contemporary photography.

In a landmark collaboration, Graination, lauded as Canada’s premier film lab, and Gallery 44, an esteemed center for contemporary photography, have joined forces. This partnership is a beacon of innovation and support for the photographic community, blending Graination’s exceptional film processing capabilities with Gallery 44’s dedication to fostering artistic talent.


A New Era for Film Photography Enthusiasts 

Gallery 44 members are in for a treat with exclusive access to Graination’s NERD membership benefits. This includes expedited film processing, significant discounts on film stock, and complimentary upgrades to 16-bit TIFF scans, ensuring unmatched quality and detail in their work. In an unprecedented move, active Gallery 44 members who’ve already secured their NERD membership will receive a refund in the form of store credit, underlining the commitment to accessible, high-quality photographic services.


The Impact: Strengthening the Photographic Community 

This partnership is more than just a union of services; it’s a catalyst for growth and innovation within the photographic sector. By merging resources and expertise, Graination and Gallery 44 are setting a new standard for artistic collaboration, offering both professional and aspiring photographers unparalleled opportunities to enhance their craft.


Join the Movement 

We invite the community to explore the myriad benefits of this collaboration. As we look forward to a future where creativity and technology walk hand in hand, the partnership between Graination and Gallery 44 stands as a testament to the endless possibilities when we come together to support and elevate the art of photography.

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Victoria day

Graination will be closed on May 20th for Victoria Day! Enjoy the holiday, and we'll see you soon!